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Interviewing Shy Candidates (and How Video Interviewing Can Help) - Spark Hire

Interviewing Shy Candidates (and How Video Interviewing Can Help) - Spark HireA successful hiring manager recognizes that personality type plays a major role in the hiring process. While some people have no aufgabe walking into an interview and answering questions rapid-fire style, others find this totally daunting. For shy candidates, the hiring process can become a nightmare. Working with these individuals and helping to understand how to make them comfortable is important, as it takes all personality types to make a business thrive. If youre handling the hiring for your business, heres what you should know about soft-spoken candidatesBeing thrown into a high-pressure situation with new faces can be unmanageableWhile you, personally, may have no problem meeting dozens of new faces at once, to a more introverted type, this may cause anxiety. Some managers dont realize this, and unknowingly put shy candidates into a high-stress situation when they bring them in for a job interview. T hey trot them through the office and introduce them to dozens of unfamiliar faces, before situating them in a conference room where they have to answer questions presented by a panel of interviewers.If you sense that a person is introverted, you dont have to alter your hiring process entirely, but consider giving them advance warning about what to expect. When introverted people are able to prepare ahead of time, it helps them to feel more comfortable in a situation, thus reducing their anxiety.Introverted people often need a few minutes to process a question before speakingIf youre asking questions rapid-fire, dont be surprised if your shy candidate isnt delivering their best responses. Instead, understand that an introverted person probably needs time to process the question and generate a response. Give them a few moments to think before replying. Just because they cant think on their feet as quickly as others, doesnt make them any less passionate or qualified than someone who im provises well.Many hiring managers are now utilizing video interviewing technology. Among the many benefits for the employer, video interviewing also proves highly useful to candidates who may feel shy or nervous about the interview process. It allows them to carefully consider a question before they reply, and even lets them re-record an answer if theyre not totally satisfied. If youre looking to make candidates of varying personality types feel at ease when they interview with you, consider incorporating video interviewing into your hiring efforts.Image Minerva Studio/

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Customize this Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Resume Sample

Customize this Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Resume SampleCustomize this Professional Legal Nurse Consultant Resume SampleBecause of your training and experience, you bridge the worlds of medicine and the law. You possess the know-how to positively impact a variety of situations, but how do you package your proficiencies in a way hiring managers understand? More importantly, how do you draft a resume that outshines those other candidates? Dont go it alone, wracking your brain trying to fill the blank page where your resume should be. Instead, use our legal nurse consultant resume sample as a template.While you make a living shedding light on technical terms and procedures, those very things can make your resume difficult to read. Use our example to create a resume that shows kompetenz employers the depth and breadth of your professional capabilities without unnecessary jargon. If you need an extra boost, consider using our resume builder.Create Resume Mary Maryland100 Broadway LaneNew Parkland, CA, 91010Cell (555) 987-1234emailexample.comProfessional SummaryLegal Nurse Consultant committed to bridging the gap between medical and legal terminology and industries. Offer medical information to legal entities and professionals about medical-related cases. Specialize in providing expert advice to professionals in both the medical and legal industries.Core Qualifications Legal and medical terminology Nurse consultant Ethics Informed consent Medical records Criminal lawExperienceLegal Nurse Consultant, April 2012 PresentLos Angeles Memorial Hospital Los Angeles, CA Support healthcare providers and organizations by completing investigations for attorneys, physicians, insurance organizations and other health professionals. Develop medical malpractice claims information by investigating hospital, nursing home and physician negligence claims. Determine merits of legal or accreditation status and provide unbiased opinions in all aspects of the investigation and rep orting processes. Complete initial reviews and liability assessments to ensure all medical record information is updated. Locate any key witnesses, interview them and suggest a list of deponents. Schedule and summarize dispositions and review and assist attorneys in preparation of preliminary and final witness lists.Legal Nurse Consultant, August 2008 May 2012Monterey Clinical Services Monterey, CA Identified medical experts and recommended areas of expertise to be consulted with different types of cases. Prepared releases and letters to obtain complete medical records, x-rays, billings and other patient data that might prove essential to cases. Utilize personal knowledge, experience, reference library, internet and other sources to complete medical research.Education2008 Bachelor of Science, NursingUniversity of California Los Angeles, CACustomize ResumeWhy Is This a Good Legal Nurse Consultant Resume Sample?Whether your nursing hintergrund reflects a concentrated area of practic e or general administrative expertise, our legal nurse consultant resume sample gives a solid outline to build your own resume around. At first glance, you see it relies on industry-specific, active statements. Its concise, single-page length lets the hiring manager see all the candidates relevant details in a short amount of time. Brevity helps you overcome a jobseekers main hurdle getting a resume read.A great resume tells your professional story. It answers the who and what questions potential employers have about you as a candidate. It also provides them the answer to why they should interview you. Our legal nurse consultant resume sample does all those. Notice specific phrases such as develop medical malpractice claims information by investigating and prepared releases and letters. As you draft your resume, use similar phrasing to describe your capabilities.Our legal nurse consultant resume sample has specific, logical sections. This makes it easily adaptable to your own job se arch. Improve your chances of landing an interview by modifying your resume for each application. Busy hiring managers often simultaneously recruit for multiple positions. Include some wording taken directly from the job posting. This helps your resume make it past any scanning software the human resources department may use to sift through candidate submissions. Mix job posting phrases into both your qualifications and experience sections.The jobseeker here does not fall into the trap of just listing past responsibilities. profil employers want to know more, so whether you spent time in oncology or the emergency department, use an active voice to concisely describe your achievements. Use the sample resumes wording as a guide.The jobseeker uses the education section last to succinctly convey educational experiences, such as certifications and relevant training. If a job posting lists a specific type of nursing, document your relevant information in the experience section.Why You Nee d a Strong Legal Nurse Consultant ResumeWhile the demand for medical experts continues, so does the number of practitioners looking for career alternatives. Nursings reputation for long shifts and sometimes difficult physical labor have many career professionals seeking other options. In this competitive environment, you need a resume that shows you as the ideal candidate. Your engaging people skills wont matter if you dont package your stellar experience in a resume that gets you an interview.The situations that call for a legal consultant can involve high stakes. Only the candidates with the strongest portfolios get considered. Instead of feeling intimidated, use our legal nurse consultant resume sample to confidently create your own winning document.Costly Legal Nurse Consultant Resume Mistakes to AvoidInaccuracies, exaggerations, and half-truths tarnish jobseekers reputations. You cannot afford to have any of these on your resume. As a specialized consultant, you get hired based on your integrity and reputation. Avoid the temptation to pad your resume. Instead, focus on your actual qualifications and demonstrable experience. Look to the legal nurse consultant resume sample for ideas to quantify your own range of skills. The sample candidate comes across as precise and accomplished. If listing your professional achievements feels too much like bragging, think of the process as taking inventory. In resume writing, its not boastful if its true. Underselling yourself can also torpedo your career opportunities.Like the sample candidate, keep your contact information professional. Create a career-specific email address. A Yahoo account still works fine when communicating with friends, but not potential employers. Double check your phone number. Set up a professional-sounding voicemail greeting, and clear your inbox to make room for new messages. Potential employers may not call a second time.ConclusionWith our legal nurse consultant resume sample as a guide, you can create your own eye-catching document. Raise your profile with a mistake-free product that uses active wording with no confusing jargon. Dont let an overactive sense of modesty make you downplay important career achievements. Do tailor your resumes to specific applications. Mix words from the job posting into the resume to help get your document read.

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Emerging Trends in Sales Careers

Emerging Trends in Sales CareersEmerging Trends in Sales CareersFor the most part, schlussverkauf careers have remained static throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Most sales professionals were either considered full-time employees or were hired under a 1099 contractor agreement. Those considered full-time were usually offered health care benefits, vacation and sick time, retirement plans and received a salary plus commissions. Those under a 1099 were almost always paid in straight commission, received no benefits and were able to work the hours they wanted to work. Change, however, is the one constant which no industry can claim exemption from. From Outside to Inside Check your favorite job posting board and you are sure to see an increase in the number of employers looking to hire Inside Sales Reps. The reason behind this trend comes down to 2 main factors First is the costs involved in employing Inside and Outside sales reps and the second factor is activ ity demands. Outside sales reps, on average, cost mora to employ than do inside reps. This is due to the expenses related to travel expenses and customer visits. Many employers include either travel reimbursements into the compensation packages of their sales reps or pay their employees a set figure to cover their travel expenses. In addition, it is very common for outside sales reps to take their clients out to lunch or to other events and expect their employer to pick up the costs. With inside reps, there is no need to cover travel expenses, except for travel for training purposes and covering client lunches is something that inside reps very seldom do. The other driving factor which is creating mora jobs for inside sales is how much more activity can be squeezed into a typical workday. While the actual numbers vary, the typical outside sales rep makes between 7 and 12 customer calls per day. It simply takes a lot of time to visit customers face to face. With inside reps, however, it is not uncommon for a sales rep to call on 100 clients per day. This drastic increase in activity expectations is a very attractive reason for employers to hire more inside sales reps. Non-Commissioned Sales professionals who earn commissions can, and often do earn substantial incomes. This ability to earn commissions has created a sense of suspicion among consumers as many feel that commissioned sales professionals are more interested in earning money than in providing them with the best possible value. Employers recognize this suspicion and have begun proudly advertising that their sales professionals do not work on commissions. The attempt is to get consumers to believe that the sales professionals will not be motivated to sell them a product or service for any more money than what they sell the product or service for to anyone else. In other words, non-commissioned sales reps have nothing to gain by charging top dollar. This trend does have the potential of driving very talented, and therefore valuable employees to seek another employer. Capping the income potential of sales professionals is seldom a good idea. Part-time and 1099 With the costs of full-time employees growing each year, many employers are hiring more part-time sales professionals or choosing 1099 or Independent Sales Professionals over full-time employees. The reasoning behind this growing trend is that employers can have more sales professionals working for them if the employees do not come with the financial burdens that are associated with having full-time employees. While independent and part-time sales professionals may not individually produce the same revenue results as a talent full-time employee might, employers believe that the results will equal out if they have more reps selling for them. And if the revenues stay the same and their employment costs are lower, the company can either be more profitable or more price-competitive.

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Fashion Resume Template 2018s Top Format

Fashion Resume Template 2018s Top FormatFashion Resume Template - 2018s Top FormatA resume serves as your introduction to prospective employers. As a fashion student or someone working in the industry, you may have accumulated an extensive portfolio. However, that wont help you if your resume doesnt exude style and confidence and emphasize your relevant experience in the industry.Whether youre applying for a job in high fashion or a position at a local franchise, your education, seminars, internships, and other specialized expertise can make or break your ability to get an interview. Be sure to emphasize duties related to buying and selling, planing, modeling, or showing collections to create a fashion resume that nets you that sought-after interview.Review the fashion resume vorlage below to pick up valuable tips on how to organize your resume to appeal to potential employers.ERROR Grammar issues in summary. Create ResumeSofia Green2126 Skyview Dr, Lithia Springs, GA 30122Home 404 849 6771 Cell 404 849 6771dwlatch2013yahoo.comSummaryI have 25+ years in Retail experience and also have excellent Customer Service Skills. I am a team player and can do more than one task at a time. I am loyal to any company that I have worked for in my years of service. Detail-oriented and dedicated to surpassing customer expectations. Shop Manager who consistently maximizes company profits and surpasses margin goals. I have grown all of my stores business to doubled after I took over my last job. HighlightsApparel styling techniquesVendor relationsAdvertising backgroundSuperior communication skillsStrong creative design knowledgeHigh-profile to brand exposureSelf-motivated professionalGarment fittingsSuperb attention to detailRetail sector expertTrend and brand awarenessFashion illustratingDetail-orientedApplied styling techniquesAccomplishmentsI have achieved a lot of awards from my two past jobs due to putting all I had into my Job. MyJob required us to be number one in everyt hing we did for the company. I have great Customer Service Skills and have very high Standards, which makes me a outstanding employee. My Goals are always set high and I do my best to make sure that I achieve them each and every day. I know that I could make a difference in your company.Played a key role in creating several best-selling collections in the 20 years of service that I played a role in. ExperiencePolo Ralph Lauren June 2006 to March 2013 Shop Manager/CoordinatorAtlanta, GAMeasured parts such as sleeves and pant legs and pin-folded alteration linesPressed garments and hung them in garment bags for customersManaged projects according to time Drove sales by developing business strategies, marketing plans and merchandise assortmentsInformed potential buyers where garments could be purchasedDressed in sample and completed garments for photographs and displaysInformed prospective purchasers about model, number and price of garmentsInformed prospective purchasers about model, number and price of garments line and seasonal changesEducationKossuth High School 1988 High School Diploma Basic Studies Kossuth, MS, KossuthFashion and Textiles courseFashion Styling conferenceCustomize ResumeMore Art, Fashion, and Design Resume TemplatesEntry Level Fashion Resume Templates

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This is one thing you should never do during a job search

This is one thing you should never do during a job searchThis is one thing you should never do during a job searchYou might use your phones web browser to scroll through job listings. You may have even used apps to apply for a position or two. You check your email inbox on your phone to see if youve heard from any employers, and maybe even call them to schedule interviews. In short, you use lots of features and tools on your phone in your job search - except for maybe one texting.Texting during your job search is leise a grey area. Is text an acceptable job search tool? Not really, says Jackie Ducci, CEO and founder of Ducci Associates, a talent acquisition agency in Washington, DC. It is rarely, if ever, a good idea for a candidate to text a potential employer during the job search process, says Ducci.Here are some reasons why you should skip sending that text - unless youre explicitly asked to do so - and what you should do insteadTexting is too informalYou text your best frien d. You text your partner to bring home bread. You text your kid to find out what time he needs to be picked up from soccer practice. For the fruchtwein part, texting is used as a quick - and very informal - way to communicate. If you opt to text an employer, it could give the impression that the candidate is too flippant, which is not an attractive trait says Ducci.Its a missed opportunityEven if you feel a bit shy to actually get on the phone and talk with an employer, you should. Sending a text can be a missed opportunity for a job candidate to communicate with an employer. Says Ducci Getting on the phone can continue to foster a deeper, more human relationship with the potential employer. A text-only conveys a brief bit of information, but speaking on the phone gives you the chance to let an employer hear your voice- and more importantly, what you need to say.You dont know how the person feels about textingWhile most people might swear by texting, others might take offense to r eceive a text message on their phone. Even if there is nothing technically wrong with sending a text, why take such an informal route when there is no upside in doing so? says Ducci. After all, you never know how your text will be perceived by a potential employer, so its best to err on the side of caution and skip the text.You can text an employer if The only real reason to text someone during your job search is if the person has already texted you first. For example, if the employer texts you first for the purpose of conveying or seeking specific information (e.g., to confirm an interview time or confirm an interview location), then its perfectly fine to text back. But anything more than that should warrant a more professional, human communication.This article first appeared on Flex Jobs.

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4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Job Search Journal

4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Job Search Journal4 Reasons to Keep a Daily Job Search Journal14A job search journal is a fantastic way to keep both your productivity and your spirits up. It will give you an indisputable yardstick by which to measure your progress, as well as your setbacks, and will help you gauge how best to spend your time and resources. Just as keeping a daily work journalcan keep you on track toward meeting your goals, having a job search journal can help sharpen your resolve if youre looking for flexible work and healthierwork-life fit.As for how to keep a job search journal- simple Carve out a few minutes every day and use whatever means works for you (tech-based platforms, pen and paper) to document all sorts of data job applications follow-up and thank-you notes phone calls and email responses yourmoodabout how your search is going the money youve spent on your job hunt and anything else you decide will keep you moving toward your career goals.Consider these four r easons to keep a daily job search journalTrack job applications.Make the new year your time to re-commit to quality versus quantity in your effort to submit more successful job applications. Taking that important step will make it easier to keep track of job applications, follow up with impact, and increase your chances of finding rewarding, flexible work.Keep tabs on tax deductions.One of the fruchtwein practical reasons for keeping a job search journal is that it can provide an excellent means for you to document expenses associated with your job search. To be sure, not all the money you spend is tax deductible, but its a great idea to be aware of tax tips about what expenses you can claim, and when you can claim it.Understand which strategies work- and which dont.Weathering rejection is part and parcel of looking for work. Keeping a job search journal can provide good information to assess what your most successful strategies might be, and which tactics you should ditch. Reviewin g your job search journal can also provide fodder to help you research new industries or plot out the best moves for forging a completely different career path.Stay on track with career goals.It can be easy to lose sight of your career aspirations if youve been looking for work for a while. A great benefit to keeping a job search journal is that the exercise of writing things down forces you (in a gentle way) to keep your eyes on the prize. Goal-setting is a way to find a career that can be a good work-life fit for you use your daily job search journal as a wonderful tool to help you stay on track over the long haul.Readers, do you keep a job search journal? How often do you update it, and what benefits have you gained? Let us know in the comments section below

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What the Experts Are Saying About High Schooler Resume and How It Affects You

What the Experts Are Saying About High Schooler Resume and How It Affects You By customizing your resume for the job which you want, you can show employers youve got the abilities and experience theyre searching for. Hand skills arent only hands-on but have a tendency to be important practical skills which are increasingly becoming forgotten. Make certain that the skills are related to the job which you desire. Most high school students have a tendency to submit an application for a food services position. For the reason, protect letters highlight a succinct summary of the applicant abilities and skills leading the employer to learn more regarding the candidate eyesight and the way that they may benefit in their companies. While the college application procedure can appear daunting, many have done it before. Youre going to find the very best college application resume on Earth. A typical college application doesnt always provide a student room to highlight all their accompli shments and experience. Even in the event that youve never held an official job, its still true that you have life experience thats applicable to the work search. If you dont have work experience, you may use the cover letter for high school students without work experience for a template. To find experience, you want to construct a strong one, yet to create a strong one, you will need experience. You will need experience to have a job, but you require a job to acquire experience. What You Need to Do About High Schooler Resume Beginning in the Next Eight Minutes Theres loads of competition for jobs for high school students, which means you should make sure you stick out from the crowd. Many college students are ready to mentor you. High school may be a challenging time in the life span of a student because he or shes predicted to bag a job after graduating. The majority of the time when writing a high school resume, an individual might think whats the usage of mentioning th e partieal details in the resume. If youre helped by the notion of the article Resume high schooler, dont neglect to share with your pals. If you worked during the summertime, make sure that you have that too. After the time comes, Im likely to have the ability to produce the best decision for both myself and my family members. Simply take the opportunity to compose the resume yourself. High Schooler Resume Options Resumes are often requested when youre applying for employment or internship. Resume examples and templates are incredibly helpful, especially when youre writing one of your very first resumes. High School Resume templates are a fantastic resource for such students. Employers already know that you need their job, so instead its far better to compose an elevator pitch at the surface of the page that will assist your possible employer understand you as a man or woman and remember whats on your resume. Make certain to include your contact information so the hiring ma nager can contact you. Concentrate on highlighting relevant coursework to the job youre applying for. You could stick to the guidelines given in the job resume template here and produce your own resume. A resume summary statement is a wonderful means to swiftly demonstrate the employer why youre a strong candidate. Post mortem meetings ought to be a crucial part of somebodys bureaus processfor the huge endeavors, and the compact ones. A cover letter may be the chance to produce a positive preliminary impression on a potential new employer, therefore it is very important to devote some time earning sure yours is like it is going to get. Together with that, your pay letter may also create it from the control of the person you addressed it to Cover letters are a considerable part of the resume writing procedure. Protect letters may also be a difficult area of the work application procedure. If youre looking to apply to get a part-time position at a retail shop, utilize the sub sequent objective examples as a guide to assist you create one that is suitable for you. Concentrate on defining why you need to continue to keep your own meeting. Every section takes a slightly different strategy. The very first section of your resume should incorporate information on the way in which the employer can contact you. What is Actually Going on with High Schooler Resume Working here would be a great deal more enjoyable next calendar year. Since you likely dont have a good deal of Work Experience, you can include your Achievements as an individual section.